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BCWMC Requirements for Improvements and Development Proposals

Adopted by BCWMC on September 17, 2015

The BCWMC adopted its 2015 Watershed Management Plan and the revised BCWMC Requirements for Improvements and Development Proposals at the BCWMC's September 17, 2015, meeting. The Requirements for Improvements and Development Proposals document is linked below and also as Appendix H of the 2015 Watershed Management Plan. The Requirements for Improvements and Development Proposals now incorporate Minimal Impact Design Standards (MIDS).

BCWMC Requirements for Improvements and Development Proposals Document

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1.0 Introduction

2.0 Types of Projects to be Submitted for Review

2.1 Floodplains

2.2 Floodplain Storage Sites

2.3 Lakes, Streams, and Wetlands

2.4 Water Resources

2.5 Diversion of Surface Water Runoff

2.6 Land Use Changes

2.7 Appropriations

2.8 Utility Crossings and Bridges

2.9 Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Permit Applications

2.10 Development/Redevelopment/Land Disturbance

2.10.1 Erosion and Sediment Control Review

2.10.2 Water Quality Review

2.11 Road Construction & Other Linear Projects (Rails, Trails, Utility Improvements, etc.)

3.0 Review Process

3.1 Procedure for BCWMC Review

3.2 Required Exhibits

3.3 Variance Procedure

4.0 General Guidelines for Developments/Redevelopment

4.1 Projects Not Requiring BCWMC Review

4.2 Projects Requiring Construction Erosion and Sediment Control Plan

4.3 Projects Requiring Buffers

4.3.1 Wetland Buffers

4.3.2 Stream Buffers

4.4 Projects Requiring Rate Control

4.5 Projects Requiring Treatment to MIDS Performance Goal

4.5.1 New Development

4.5.2 Redevelopment

4.5.3 Linear Projects

4.6 Projects with Other Treatment Requirements

4.7 Projects Requiring Streambank Review

5.0 Floodplain Policies

6.0 MIDS Performance Goal

6.1 BCWMC Policies

6.2 MIDS Performance Goals

6.2.1 MIDS Performance Goal for New Development

6.2.2 MIDS Performance Goal for Redevelopment

6.2.3 MIDS Performance Goal for Linear Projects

6.3 MIDS Flowchart/Flexible Treatment Options

6.4 Approved Techniques

6.4.1 MIDS Calculator

6.4.2 Minnesota Stormwater Manual

7.0 Requirements for Construction Erosion and Sediment Control

8.0 Buffer Requirements

8.1 Buffer Width Requirements

8.1.1 Wetland Buffer Width Requirements

8.1.2 Stream Buffer Width Requirements

8.2 Buffer Design Requirements

8.3 Buffer Maintenance Requirements

8.4 Buffer Exemptions


Appendix A Application Form

Appendix B Definitions

Appendix C MIDS Flexible Treatment Options Flow Chart

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