Thursday, May 15, 2014

The full meeting packet is available here but does not include the invoices (linked below in item 4), 4F Executive Summary of the Draft EIS for the Bottineau Transitway Project, 4G - the full audit report for BCMWC's fiscal year 2013, 5G - the BCWMC's 2013 Annual Report (without appendices), or the Information Only items (linked below in item 7). The meeting materials are also available below as PDFs of the individual agenda items:

1. Call to Order

2. Citizen Forum on Non-Agenda Items - Citizens may address the Commission about any item not on the agenda. A maximum of 15 minutes is allowed for the Forum. If the full 15 minutes are not needed for the Forum, the Commission will continue with the agenda. The Commission will take no official action on the items discussed at the Forum, with the exception of referral to staff or a Committee for a recommendation to be brought back to the Commission for discussion/action.

3-Approval of Agenda
-May 15, 2014, Meeting Agenda

-Administrator's Agenda Memo

4. Consent Agenda
4A-Approval of Minutes - April 14, 2014, Commission Workshop

4B-Approval of Minutes - April 17, 2014, Commission Meeting

4C-Approval of May 2014 Financial Report

4D-Approval of Payment of Invoices
4Di. Keystone Waters, LLC – April 2014 Administrator Services

4Dii. Barr Engineering Company – Engineering Services through March 28, 2014

4Diii. Secretarial Services through March 31, 2014

4Div. Kennedy & Graven - Legal Services through February 28, 2014

4Dv. Wenck - April 2014 WOMP Monitoring

Dvi. ACE Catering - May 2014 Meeting Refreshments

4Dvii. MMKR -Fiscal Year 2013 Audit

4Dviii. Schmitty & Sons - May 29th Bus Transportation for Watershed Tour

4E.Approve Response to Comments on Major Plan Amendment

4F. Approve of Comments on the Draft EIS for the Bottineau Transitway Project

-Executive Summary of the Draft EIS for the Bottineau Transitway Project

-Final Comment Letter on Draft EIS for Bottineau Transitway Project

4G. Accept and Authorize Distribution of Fiscal Year 2013 Financial Audit

-Full Audit

4H. Approve Fernbrook Lane Emergency Culvert Replacement, Plymouth

4I. Approve Lock-Up Redevelopment Project, Golden Valley

4J. Approve Comment Letter on Draft Bacteria TMDL (Total Maximum Daily Load) Report

5. Business
A. Consider Agreement with City of New Hope for Development of Feasibility Study for Northwood Lake Improvement Project

B. Update on Watershed Tour

C. Update on Medicine Lake Water Level Issue and Conversations between Commissioners and Cities

D. Contingency Plans in Event of JPA Expiration

-Historical Information: BCWMC 1999 Resolution on Policy on Credit for Funds Remaining from Construction of Flood Control Projects

E. TAC Recommendations

i. 2015 Water Quality Monitoring Program
ii. Responsible Parties and Funding of Flood Control Project

F. Review Draft 2015 Operating Budget, Assessments to Cities, Budget Detail Document
-Draft Budget

-Budget Detail Document

G. Review 2013 Annual Report

H. Update on Next Generation Watershed Management Plan Development

6. Communications
A. Administrator: Administrator's Report
B. Chair
C. Commissioners
D. TAC Members

i. Update on Twin Cities Metro Chloride Project

E. Committees
i. Education Committee
ii. Budget Committee
iii. Administrative Services Committee

E. Legal Counsel
F. Engineer:
i. 2014 Impaired Waters List: delisting of Wirth Lake; No chloride listing for Wirth Lake or Medicine Lake; Remaining Chloride listings

7. Information Only
A. Grant Tracking Summary and Spreadsheet

B. Mississippi River Forum Workshop on May 30, 2014 at Science Museum of Minnesota.Registration is free but advance registration is requested. Contact Lark Weller at lark_weller@nps.gov or 651-293-8442 by May 16 to register.

C. Workshop: Triclosan & Public Health: Public Perceptions & Educational Recommendations, Thursday, May 22, 2014, from 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. at Minnesota Department of Health; RSVP required.

9. Adjournment