Four Seasons Area Water Quality Project


Project Number: NL-2

Project Status   |  Proposed

In planning phase. Although project plans were developed and conditionally approved by the BCWMC in 2013, options are currently being reconsidered by the City of Plymouth and the BCWMC.

Project Funding   |   Not Grant Funded

The estimated cost of this project is $990,000, of which $166,000 will be funded from the BWWMC's Capital Improvement Program Closed Project Account and up to $824,000 will be funded by the BCWMC's 2012 ad valorem tax levy collected via Hennepin County in 2013.

Project Description

The BCWMC, in cooperation with the City of Plymouth, is planning to construct a water quality improvement project in the area southwest of Highway 169 and Rockford Road (the former Four Seasons Mall area) in order to help meet the phosphorous reduction goal for Northwood Lake. The City of Plymouth has been identifying options including stream restoration and constructing a flocculation facility. The City received comments on these options at a public meeting that the City held in January 2015.

More Information

Feasibility Study: Four Seasons Mall Water Quality Improvement Feasibility Report (Wenck Assoc., July 2012)

BCWMC Resolution Ordering Project: Resolution 12-09 (September 20, 2012)

Contact: BCWMC Administrator Laura Jester at laura.jester@keystonewaters.com or 952-270-1990.