Four Seasons Area Water Quality Project / Agora Development


Project Number: NL-2

Project Status   |  Proposed

Original project plans were developed and conditionally approved by the BCWMC in 2013. These plans were not implemented. 90% plans for water quality improvement measures to be constructed within and adjacent to the Agora development were conditionally approved by the Commission at their August 17, 2017 meeting. Construction is slated to begin in late 2017.

Project Funding   |   Not Grant Funded

The estimated cost of the original Four Seasons Area Water Quality Improvement Project was $990,000, of which $166,000 was to be funded from the BCWMC's Capital Improvement Program Closed Project Account and $824,000 was collected through ad valorum tax levy collected via Hennepin County in 2013. Through the 2017 agreement with Rock Hill Management, up to $848,148 of the remaining project funds will be used for the water quality improvement projects on and adjacent to the Agora development.

Project Description

The BCWMC, in cooperation with the City of Plymouth, planned to construct a water quality improvement project in the area southwest of Highway 169 and Rockford Road (the former Four Seasons Mall area) in order to help meet the phosphorous reduction goal for Northwood Lake. In 2013, a project was designed but due to residents' concerns about the proposed removal of trees and other project plans, the original project was not implemented. In 2017, the BCWMC entered an agreement with a private developer (Rock Hill Management) and the City of Plymouth to implement water quality improvement practices in conjunction with the redevelopment of the Four Seasons Mall site. Practices include restoration of a wetland to the south of the Agora development site, and various stormwater management features on the development site including two iron-enhanced sand filtration basins, two filtration basins, one infiltration basin with amended soils to peat layer, permeable pavers with subsurface storage, a wetland walk with plant uptake, and a stormwater pond with an iron-enhanced sand filter bench. The project is expected to remove an estimated 100.76 pounds of total phosphorus above and beyond the pollutant removals required by the development itself.

More Information

Agora Development: Conditionally Approved 90% Design Plans and BCWMC Engineer's Comments

Original Feasibility Study: Four Seasons Mall Water Quality Improvement Feasibility Report (Wenck Assoc., July 2012)

BCWMC Resolution Ordering Project: Resolution 12-09 (September 20, 2012)

Contact: BCWMC Administrator Laura Jester at laura.jester@keystonewaters.com or 952-270-1990.