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Flood Control Project

Background and Map of Flood Control Project Features

Map of Bassett Creek Tunnel

2020 Deep Tunnel Inspection & Mississippi River Drawdown

2019 Bassett Creek Double Box Culvert Inspection Report

Flood Control Project Policies and Summary of Annual Costs and Future Rehabilitation and Replacement Costs

Project List

Bassett Creek Valley

Stakeholder Reconvening Meeting, September 27, 2023


Initial Stakeholder Summit, March 29, 2023


Floodplain & Stormwater Management Study, December 2019: Study fact sheet | Full study document

Medicine Lake

Jevne Park Stormwater Improvement Project

Construction Year: On Hold


Crane Lake Improvement Project

Construction Year : 2020

New Hope

St. Louis Park


Sochacki Park Water Quality Improvement Project

Anticipated Construction Year: 2024

CIP Information

BCWMC Capital Improvement Program

2024 - 2028 CIP Table

2022 - 2026 CIP Table and Project Fact Sheets

2021-2025 CIP Table and Project Fact Sheets

2020 - 2024 CIP Table and Project Fact Sheets

BCWMC's CIP Process Flowchart and Timeline

CIP Prioritization Matrix | CIP Prioritization Maps

Hydrologic Modeling Project

Fact Sheet: XP-SWMM Project & New Flood Elevations

XP-SWMM Phase II Final Report (August 2017)

Appendix A ‐ Comparison of BCWMC Historic Flood Profiles to the Phase 2 XPSWMM Model Results (August 2017)Phase 2 XPSWMM Model Results (August 2017)

XP-SWMM Phase II Project Overview Presentation (January 2017)

XP-SWMM Phase II Project Budget and Timeline (April 2015)

Pond Prioritization Project - 2017

P8 Model Extents Map - Shows individual drainage areas included in each model. Can be viewed as key for nomenclature on other files.

Pond Performance Map - Shows overall results of prioritization process with high, medium and low priority ponds for entire watershed.

Pond Ranking Table - Spreadsheet with all pertinent P8 model results used to develop and rank/map prioritized ponds. Includes links of pond rankings to each city (in ‘MS4’ column) for sorting.

Following maps show results for each major drainage area in a color scale depicting where highest runoff TP concentrations are being delivered downstream. Red-shaded subwatersheds delivering flow to a receiving water represent highest priorities for future BMPs, while the green-shaded areas likely indicate good BMP treatment already exists.

Medicine Lake Direct | Medicine Lake NE | Medicine Lake North

Medicine Lake South | Northwood-Bassett Cr Park Pond

Parkers-East Parkers | Plymouth Creek | Sweeney-Twin Lake

Upstream West | Upstream East-Westwood Lake