2015 Watershed Management Plan

Watershed organizations are guided by their Watershed Management Plan

The Bassett Creek Watershed Management Commission works with residents, organizations, and its member cities to protect and improve water resources like Bassett Creek and its tributaries, wetlands, ponds, and lakes such as Medicine, Wirth, Twin, Sweeney, Northwood, Turtle, Westwood, Parkers, and others.

The Watershed Management Plan is required to be updated every ten years. The BCWMC's Watershed Management Plan sets the vision and guidelines for managing surface water resources within the boundaries of the BCWMC. The BCWMC adopted its current plan, the 2015 Watershed Management Plan, at its September 17, 2015, BCWMC meeting.

Final Plan (Adopted by the BCWMC 9/17/15)

Plan: Section-By-Section

Plan Executive Summary

Section 1 - Introduction

Section 3 - Assessment of Issues and Opportunities

Section 4 - Goals and Policies

Section 5 - Implementation

Section 6 - References

History of the Watershed Management Plan

Watershed Plan Workshop Documents