REview Process

Our review process

Project materials should be submitted both electronically to jherbert@barr.com (provide link to drawings and submittal information for large files) and in paper form. Mail review fee checks, drawings/plans, and the signed application form to:

Bassett Creek Watershed Management Commission; c/o Barr Engineering Co.; Attn: Jim Herbert, P.E.; 4300 MarketPointe Drive, Suite 200; Minneapolis, MN 55435

Process for individuals and companies proposing projects, developments, or redevelopments in the Bassett Creek Watershed:
  1. Contact city staff where your project is located and communicate to the city about your project. City staff will direct you to the Bassett Creek Watershed Management Commission if necessary. (See BCWMC Member City Contact Information.)
  2. See Section 2 "Types of Projects to be Submitted for Review" of the BCWMC's Requirements for Improvements and Development Proposals document for information about which projects require review and what standards are required to be met.
  3. If you still have questions after talking to the city and reviewing the "Types of Projects to be Submitted for Review" materials, please contact BCWMC Administrator Laura Jester or 952-270-1990.
  4. The BCWMC will review the applicant's submittal only after the city in which the project is located has reviewed the project and has indicated general compliance with existing local watershed management plans.

Next steps

Review BCWMC's Requirements for Improvements and Development Proposals

Review the requirements

Determine what fees apply to your project by reviewing our fee schedule

Review fee schedule

Complete and submit our application form to have your project reviewed

Submit Application