Medley Park Stormwater Treatment Facility

Golden Valley

Project Number: ML-12

Project Status   |  Proposed

The feasibility study was approved June 2021 with Concept #3 being chosen for implementation. A public hearing on this project was held on September 16, 2021. At that meeting, the project was officially ordered and an agreement with the City of Golden Valley to design and construct the project was approved.

Project Funding   |   Not Grant Funded

The estimated cost for this project is approximately $2,000,000. The BCWMC plans to contribute $1,500,000 in CIP funds to the project through an ad valorem tax levied on all watershed residents by Hennepin County. Additional funding will come from sources such as the city of Golden Valley, grants, and other sources.

Project Description

The project will expand flood storage areas within the project area (approximately 2.5 acres of existing park area) adjacent to the existing Medley Pond, and provide additional water quality treatment for total suspended solids (TSS) and total phosphorus.

The project will create approximately 8.3 acre-feet of additional flood storage for the 100-year, 24-hour flood frequency event, which reduces the 100-year storm event maximum water surface elevations by 0.5 feet within Medley Park and the downstream Kings Valley Pond (ML-2). This reduction in flood elevation removes three structures from being at-risk of flooding for the 100-year, 24-hour storm event. For the 25- year event, the maximum water surface elevations within Medley Park and on Kings Valley Pond are reduced by 0.6 feet, which removes six structures from being at-risk of flooding for the 25-year event.

The project will also increase the phosphorus load reduction by 17.0 pounds per year and would restore 0.6 acres of wetland and 0.6 acres of upland, prairie habitat. Disturbed trails will be replaced with a looped ADA paved trail to provide active recreation and habitat viewing opportunities for park users and to provide maintenance access.