Medley Park Stormwater Treatment Facility

Golden Valley

Project Number: ML-12

Project Status   |  Proposed

A feasibility study is currently underway by the BCWMC, in cooperation with the city of Golden Valley. Concept plans and narrated videos explaining the concepts are available on the City of Golden Valley's project page. The feasibility report will be presented to the BCWMC at their May 20th meeting.

Project Funding   |   Not Grant Funded

Funding for this project is proposed to come from an ad valorum tax of all BCWMC residents collected by Hennepin County on behalf of the BCWMC. Currently, the BCWMC has $1.5M earmarked in its Capital Improvement Program for this project. The feasibility study, currently underway, will determine actual project cost estimates.

Project Description

A feasibility study is currently underway to evaluate site conditions and develop options for implementation. The proposed project will expand flood storage areas within the project area (approximately 2.5 acres of existing park area) adjacent to the existing Medley Pond, develop additional water quality treatment for total suspended solids (TSS) and particulate phosphorus, and may include better methods for dissolved phosphorus removal. The project will address an intercommunity flooding issue and help alleviate flooding of residential structures and streets south of the park. Opportunities to expand the existing Medley Pond footprint, develop additional stormwater ponds within the project footprint and/or investigate subsurface storage options are being considered. The project will improve water quality downstream by trapping sediment and suspended particulates in the expanded storage, thus minimizing sediment and solids transferred to downstream stormwater ponds and Medicine Lake. Additional stormwater features that target the removal of dissolved phosphorus are also being investigated. The proposed project will also improve ecology and wildlife habitat, enhance active and passive recreation opportunities within the park, and provide educational opportunities to park users.

Project Announcements

May 2021: A video describing project concept plans is available on the City of Golden Valley's Project webpage. The feasibility study for the project will be presented to the BCWMC at their May 20, 2021 meeting. Meeting materials, including the draft feasibility study, will be available here one week before the meeting.

More Information

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Project Area Map

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