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Golden Valley

New Hope

St. Louis Park

Anticipated Construction Year: 2019

CIP Information

Summary of the BCWMC's CIP Process:
BCWMC's CIP Process Flowchart and Timeline

BCWMC's 2019 - 2023 CIP:
2019-2023 CIP Table and Project Fact Sheets

Hydrologic Modeling Project

Fact Sheet: XP-SWMM Project & New Flood Elevations

XP-SWMM Phase II Final Report (August 2017)

Appendix A ‐ Comparison of BCWMC Historic Flood Profiles to the Phase 2 XPSWMM Model Results (August 2017)Phase 2 XPSWMM Model Results (August 2017)

XP-SWMM Phase II Project Overview Presentation (January 2017)

XP-SWMM Phase II Project Budget and Timeline (April 2015)