Thursday, January 20, 2022

The Bassett Creek Watershed Management Commission meeting starts at 8:30 a.m. and will be conducted via Zoom in accordance with MN Statute 13D.021. Join the meeting HERE.

Or join by phone +1-312-626-6799; Meeting number 811 3538 1542 .

Most meeting materials are available in one document: FULL PACKET. But it does not include the invoices in 4C, the complete proposal for 4D, the design plans in 5A and 5B, the complete documentation for 5E, nor the "information only" items in Section 7. The complete meeting materials are available below as PDFs for each individual agenda item.


2. PUBLIC FORUM ON NON-AGENDA ITEMS - Members of the public may address the Commission about any item not on the agenda. A maximum of 15 minutes is allowed for the Forum. If the full 15 minutes are not needed for the Forum, the Commission will continue with the agenda. The Commission will take no official action on the items discussed at the Forum, with the exception of referral to staff or a Committee for a recommendation to be brought back to the Commission for discussion/action.



A. Approval of Minutes - December 16, 2021 Commission Meeting

B. Acceptance of January Financial Report

C. Approval of Payment of Invoices

i. Keystone Waters, LLC - December 2021 Administrator Services

ii. Keystone Waters, LLC - December 2021 Expenses

iii. Barr Engineering - December2021 Engineering Services

iv. Kennedy & Graven – November 2021 Legal Services

v. Redpath – December Accounting Services

vi. We All Need Food and Water - December 2021 Administrative and Education Services

vii. Three Rivers Park District – 2021 Medicine Lake Inspection Program Contribution

viii. Met Council – 2021 Citizen Assisted Monitoring Program

4D. Approval of Proposal from MMKR to Perform 2021 Financial Audit

4E. Approval of Agreement with Redpath & Company for 2022 Financial Services

4F. Approval of Resolution of Appreciation for Jim de Lambert

4G. Approval of Resolution of Appreciation for James Prom

4H. Approval of Resolution of Appreciation for Mike Fruen

4I. Approval of Resolution of Appreciation for Dawn Pape

4J. Approval to Apply for Second Lawns to Legumes Grant for Implementation by Metro Blooms


A. Consider Approval of 50% Design Plans for Bryn Mawr Meadows Water Quality Improvement Project (BC-5)

Engineer's Memo

50% Design Plan Set

B. Consider Approval of 50% Design Plans for SEA School-Wildwood Park Flood Reduction Project (BC-2,3,8,10)

Engineer's Memo

50% Design Plan Set

C. Consider Approval of Scope and Budget for 2025 Watershed Management Plan Development

D. Review Plymouth Street Sweeping Report (ML-23)

E. Consider Approval of Reimbursement Request for Plymouth Street Sweeping Cost Share (ML-23)

F. Receive Report on Staff Evaluations


A. Administrator’s Report

i. Date and Format for Equity in Watershed Management Workshop

ii. Reminder to Complete Campaign Finance Economic Interest Statement

iii. Consider Committees and Leadership Positions – February Meeting

iv. Report on Metro MAWD and MN Association of Watershed Administrator Meetings

v. Report on Presentation of East Metro Water Resource Education Program to WMWA

B. Chair

C. Commissioners

D. TAC Members

E. Committees

G. Legal Counsel

H. Engineer

i. Update on North Green Loop Development, Minneapolis

ii. Update on EAW Comments for Main Stem Lagoon Dredging Project


A. Administrative Calendar

B. CIP Project Updates

C. Grant Tracking Summary and Spreadsheet

D. WCA Notice, Plymouth

E. MN Aquatic Invasive Species Research Center Latest Newsletter